Composite Strap


Polyester Cord Composite Straps

Packaging TypeCarton
Strapping TypeComposite Strap

Specifications –

STANDARD QUALITY & ECONOMY QUALITY STRAP available in different sizes 13mm, 16mm, 19mm,
25mm, 32mm 
Linear breaking strength 290kg to 1250kgs
Length (per roll) 300Mt. to 1100mts.


Polyester Composite Strap Buckle

Packaging TypeBox

Specifications –

    1. 13Mmm: Dia -3.50mm Size, 1000pcs Packing (per bag)
    2. 16Mmm: Dia -3.50mm Size, 1000pcs Packing (per bag)
    3. 19Mmm: Dia -4.00mm Size, 1000pcs Packing (per bag)
    4. 25Mmm: Dia -5.00mm Size, 500pcs Packing (per bag)
    5. 32Mmm: Dia -7.00mm Size, 250pcs Packing (per bag)

    Pet Strap


    Specifications of these products are as follows:

    11mm size 0.55mm thickness 25kg net weight 3000meters 195kg break load
    11mm size 0.6mm thickness 25kg net weight 250meters 220kg break load
    12mm size 0.60mm thickness 18kg net weight 1800meters 240kg break load
    15mm size 0.70mm thickness 20kg net weight 1400meters 330kg break load
    16mm size 0.90mm thickness 20kg net weight 1400meters 450kg break load
    19mm size 1.00mm thickness 20kg net weight 800meters 600kg break load
    19mm size, 1.27mm thickness, 20kg net weight, 1400meters leanth per roll, 670kg break load